The USB SIM Card Manager Stores Everything Safe!

USB Gadgets

I was surprised when I found the following gadget, and I remained speechless for a couple of seconds. How could I not know about the existence of this great mini-wonder?

The USB SIM Card Manager is the perfect back-up solution for your phone. You can connect it to your PC and use all the information stored in your mobile. So you can imagine that, if God forbid, something would happen to your telephone, your information would remain saved on the computer.

USB SIM Card Manager

Furthermore, you can operate changes straight from your computer. For example, you can add or change names & numbers, international prefixes to all phone numbers (perfect for when you are travelling abroad), or import and export Lotus Notes & Microsoft Outlook contacts to and from your phone.

God bless those who think about things like these, because if I would lose my phone and everything on it, I would probably go crazy.

So go in boys and girls. Buy yourself one of these gadgets and remain assured that your memories will not be lost!

You better buy the USB SIM Card Manager from, where you will find the best iPhone accessories.

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