The Amazing Thanko Camera Diving Mask

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Thanko Camera Diving Mask

For those of you who enjoy the summer season, this part of the year comes as a divine blessing. I have always been a big fan, and when I think about summer, things like blue-turquoise waters, tanning, sunny beaches and mojitos come to my mind. And I think that this applies to everyone. The advantage of being in such a climate is that you can swim into the clear waters and recharge your batteries with the peace and serenity of the sea or the ocean.

The underwater world has so many breathtaking landscapes and stunning creatures that will instantly make you fall in love. And it would be a shame to go on a vacation and miss all these unique experiences just because you didn’t have a waterproof camera, or you forget it on the shore. In order to prevent this tragedy, Thanko Camera Diving Mask has been invented.

Thanko Camera Diving Mask

What is Thanko Camera Diving Mask?

If I managed to arouse your interest, find out that Thanko is a lovely mask that will not only protect you, but will also help you capture your underwater experiences. Due to the fact that the mask has a camera incorporated, it will be easier for you to take pictures or even record videos that can remind you every day of natural beauties. The camera has a 4 GB memory, a weight of 231 g, 2.0 MP sensor etc. which will all help you catch clear and professional images. The battery’s life is of approximately 2.5 hours and you can use it in an environment fluctuating between -10 and +50 degrees Celsius. In addition to this, this mask is ideal for snorkeling or scuba diving and you don’t have to constantly worry about carrying a camera.
The maximum depth at which this camera is still considered functional is 115 feet or 35 meters for medium and 130 feet or 40 meters for x-large.

Thanko Camera Diving Mask

How much do I have to pay for Thanko Camera Diving Mask?

Thanko- the Camera Diving Mask is a gadget useful for every person who is remotely interested in diving. Therefore, buying such a “tool” doesn’t have to be a big sacrifice but at the same time it has to feel like a long-term investment. Its price can vary between $135 and $200, depending on the mask’s features, design etc. But when shopping for this type of mask, try to think that you will have a double win, because it fulfills the requirements of a mask (protecting your eyes, for example) and at the same time takes pictures and records videos of the magnificent underworld.

Thanko Camera Diving Mask for your hobby

It can be said that any hobby requires certain sacrifices, but these are easily forgotten when we come across the wonders of the underwater flora and fauna. And imagine how painful it would be to practice these sports during your vacation and not have the ability to take them home and show them to our families. After all, these are the long lasting memories which are going to accompany you for the rest of your lives and which will represent your personality. And they are worth every penny!

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