Stick Um! and Go!

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We live a very frustrated life and we are always on the run, so it is natural that we would buy and appreciate things that can make our lives easier.

Universal In Car Holder

Like the Stick Um! Universal In Car Holder. This gorgeous little gadget is perfect for when you want to drive and use your devices in a legal and healthy way. Just find a flat surface, apply Stick Um! and drop the clamp.

It has never been easier to use your GPS, iPod, iPhone or MP3, without hindering your driving or leaving a lot of mess after use.

Oh, and I should not forget about its ability to hold 2 devices as once. Simply great! Just stick them there (don’t worry, they will not fall due to the innovative material which fixes the gadgets and prevents them from slipping away) and forget about them. They will stay right there and serve you with maximum intensity and loyalty.

And the price is only £9.99. A pretty good offer I would say. Don’t you think?
Buy this amazing product from, along with other great phone holders.

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