Presenting the Finest in Precision and Performance Optics-Bushnell Binoculars

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Bushnell Corporation, otherwise known as Bushnell Outdoor Products is the leading binocular provider in precision and high-performance optics. With Bushnell’s Elite, Legend Ultra HD and Excursion HD line users have a plethora of choices depending upon need.

Bushnell’s Elite Line

Bushnell’s Elite Line of optics provide users more than 65+ years of toughness and reliability, while at the same time providing unparalleled and unmatched clarity and light-transmission.

Coming in three sizes; 7X26mm, 8X42mm and 10X42mm all are outfitted with Advanced Fusion Hybrid Lens, a super high-quality piece of glassware that boasts over 99.7% of light transmission.

Furthermore, all optics are weather, fog and rain-proof for the most horrid of weather, protected by Bushnell’s patented RainGuard HD coating.

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Bushnell’s Legend Ultra HD Line

Bushnell’s Legend Ultra HD Line is yet another in a long string of superior optical equipment dating back decades. With ED Prime Glass, users have an unmatched ultimate high-definition viewing experience.

Additional features such as Ultra Wide Brand Coating, a lightweight, dependable and rugged magnesium chassis, soft touch grips, long eye relief and Bushnell’s RainGuard HD coating gives you unequaled quality and sight. And with Bushnell’s best in-industry guarantee, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your product will have superior product replacement and reliability.

Bushnell’s Excursion HD Line

For a truly superior viewing experience, Bushnell’s New Excursion HD Line may be for you. Boasting two sizes; 8X42mm and 10X42 mm, this line gives users top-notch and unmatched viewing quality.

With exceptional wide field of view and supreme brightness your range of vision just got even better. Lightweight and sturdy, these models offer users a berth of features; a locking focus wheel, an open bridge design, fully multi-coated lenses with Bushnell’s BaK-4 prisms, a soft touch-grip as well as a rugged, sure-grip rubber armored chassis the hunt is now wide open.

If you require a more unique and different type of viewing experience, then perhaps Bushnell’s other lines and offerings may be of better service.

For the underwater diving enthusiast there is the Bushnell Marine or H20 Line. For the sports enthusiast who needs ultra-wide lens there is the Bushnell Spectator Line.

Whatever you require, Bushnell has you covered. With over 65 years of experience and top awards, Bushnell is the name for precision and performance in the world of optics.

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