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Many people enjoy using their smartphone to listen to streaming music. In order to do this they typically require some sort of phone app. One music streaming service, Spotify, is preparing to release a newly redesigned app for Android phones. As they prepare to release the full version of the service, Spotify is offering a trial version that can be used now. This will give users a chance to try out a limited version before the full version comes out.

Spotify Android

The Spotify app is supported using the newest operating system, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The redesigned app features a slide out navigation button which is located in the top left corner of the screen. With this change, there is now more room freed up on the screen. Menus still come with this new design, which include What’s New, Playlists and Search. From this main screen it is rather simple to access the Spotify inbox as well as your friends and their playlists.

One major shift in the design of the new Spotify app is the application of social media features with the app. The What’s New section allows users to peruse album recommendations and other features. These come in a new horizontal thumbnail banner rather than a vertical list. Tapping the icon of a particular album will bring up a variety of information about that album such as the list of tracks on the album, the album art and year of release. A button has also been added that makes it easy to add the album to your play queue.

With the newly designed Spotify music app, it is possible to share your playlist with others. You can send it via email, Facebook or Google +. This can also be accomplished with other Android apps, developed for sharing content between Android users.

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