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High tech toys

High Tech Toys

30″ RC High Wind Racing Boat —NEW!

This is a brand new 30″ High Wing Dual Motors Remote Radio Controlled RC Racing Boat. It is powered by high performance dual 380 size engine to achieve the fast speed . Its V-hull is designed for high speed. Fully functional radio control system provides smooth and responsive handling of the boat. Dimension: 29.50″x11.50″x7″ (LxWxH) Equipped with: -7.2V Rechargeable battery pack -AC battery charger -Pistol Grip transmitter -Display Stand

High Tech Toys

Double Horse -71Cm 3.5Ch RC Helicopter with Gyro -…

The Double Horse 9104 comes fully assembled and is ready to fly right out of the box after you charge the battery. This helicopter have outstanding performance in hovering. This the all new Double Horse 3ch Metal RC Helicopter with built-in Gyro. The Double Horse 9104 runs on included high tech, Lithium-Ion cells, state of the art power for the newest helicopter on the market.

High Tech Toys

Cobra Double Horse 26 Inches 3.5 Channel Outdoor…

The newest model with the latest Gyroscope technology. The regular 3 channels allow you to fly : up, down, turn left, turn right, move forward, backward. This new 3.5 channels does all that, plus it let you control the speed, you can either fly in low or high speed by simply switch the speed control button. There are not many flying around, be the first to own 1 of this beautiful helicopter.

This New DH 9053 3.5CH Gyro Metal RC Helicopter is fully assembled with all pre-flight adjustments completed.
Simply remove it from the box, charge and insert the batteries, and get ready to take-off.
The package is equipped with everything needed to get airborne (except 8 AA batteries for the remote controller).

High Tech Toys

Radica IM Me Wireless Handheld Device

It sounds “2good2btru” – but it’s “4real”! Kids no longer have to be glued to the computer – with this portable, wireless handheld device, they can IM family and friends from anywhere in the house. Includes unlimited IM’ing at no extra cost, plus a unique PIN for privacy. So what r u waiting 4? Start IMing now! Requires 3 “AA” batteries, not included. Measures 4.45″W x 1.244″D x 3.142″H.


  • Wireless RF connection from main unit to USB docking station
  • Secure environment
  • Backlight switch
  • Sleek design
  • Address book for storing other IM-Me friends
  • Ability to see history of all active sessions
  • Chat in up to three sessions at a time
  • Unlimited Free Friend Invites
  • Includes: IM Me handheld device, USB connection and Proprietary Software