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How Wireless Technology Became a Part of Computer Technology There are definitely so many branches today that relates with computer technology. One of the advancements that we have would be with the wireless communication that’s still under computer technology. This works through the transfer of information which does not need any wires for it to function. This is actually able to work for hundreds of kilometers. There are also a lot of portable or mobile devices today that are under computer technology and also use wireless communication technology. Since the introduction of the cellular concept, the communication industry then continued to enhanced and improved and now had grown a lot. Wireless communication networks become omnipresent and that surveys says that each year there will be a continuous growth in this kind of industry. With the fast increase of cellular subscribers today, it only means that the wireless communications are a sustainable voice and data transport system. Wireless systems of today and its technology now have the presence of voice phone calls as well as the voice and data features.
The Essentials of Devices – Breaking Down the Basics
The first generation wireless communication systems were in fact introduced in the market during the year 1980 that uses analog signals when it comes to communication. After some years, the second generation systems were then introduced that are into the use of digital signals that has the ability of transmitting voice and data. GSM is actually an important 2G standard. For some years later on, it was upgraded to 2.5G that has better data speed connection. There are also various services that you could find today that was then introduced for mobile browsing. After some years, 3G systems then made simultaneous transmissions for data and voice possible. Because there was the presence later on of high speed internet, video calling and mobile TV then have been made possible. Later on, 3G had made upgrades on its features and now have the capability feature of giving an IP based service. It means that in every device in the near future, it will have its own unique IP address.
Short Course on Technology – Covering The Basics
Another thing is that cellular networks have developed new standards that is able to facilitate high speed data communication. The new technologies now are implemented in order for it to allow the wireless networks in replacing the traditional copper wires as well as the fiber optic links. The wireless network options of today are in fact being used as a substitute for the wired option that are now mostly applied in homes, buildings and offices. WiFi is also the most commonly used wireless LAN technology. With the different computer technology that we have today and that led to the advancements, it has replaced or removed the troublesome appliance communication cords.

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