UltraGlass Protective Screen Cover for Samsung Galaxy S2 – Black

UltraGlass Protective Screen Cover for Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 is the latest hit and many are rushing to own a piece of this technology. However, protecting this has been a concern for many. UltraGlass Protective Screen Cover for Samsung Galaxy S2 is manufactured using ultra-thin tempered glass and renders ultimate protection for Samsung Galaxy S2 screen. It is engineered with groundbreaking technology, thus offering protection without bulking up the phone. It is easy to use and does not leave unsightly bubbles with application and makes it possible to use the phone, normally.

Further, it covers up any surface flaws and remains intact. It is resistant to damage and better than normal glass, owing to the engineering and protects the phone, even when dropped from heights.

This is exclusively designed for Samsung Galaxy S2, thus fits it perfectly. With only 1mm thick, one can barely notice it! It comes with cutouts for home button, camera, speaker buttons, etc., to ensure there is no discomfort with application of this Screen Cover. Thus, it offers “edge to edge’ protection and ideal for those who love their phone and don’t want to undermine its features for protecting it.

Priced only at £22.95, this is one of the best accessories for Samsung Galaxy S2 and comes with 30 days iron-clad money back guarantee and one year warranty. For the best mobile phone screen protector, visit anytime mobilefun.co.uk.

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