The Android Impact

Android System
The Android operating system and smartphone platform from Google is only in its third year but already it has created havoc in the market where it is dominating smartphone sales.

If you are able to think back just a few years, you might recall that once upon a time people mainly used their mobile phones to make calls and to send texts. The first add-on feature was the ability to play music on your phone and to play some fairly simple games.

Nowadays, we can customise our phones and download from thousands of available applications to create the kind of smartphone functionality that suits our individual lifestyles. The app market was really opened up by Apple with the launch of the iPhone 3G but once Android came into play the app market was really stimulated into action.

The other major way in which Android rocked the market was due to the fact that it was open source and it was licensed using the free Apache licence. This resulted in Android being used as the platform by several mobile phone manufacturers whilst the iOS was restricted to the iPhone.

So, are Apple and Android the only players worth considering? There is no doubt of their current market dominance. Symbian has received such a bad name that its market share is declining rapidly and it will soon be replaced by a new Windows OS called Mango. Windows Phone has only 10% of the market, and it too will be replaced by Mango. The RIM OS is also having a hard time in the market despite it being technically sound and there remains a niche Blackberry market.

The new Android powered phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S II are now the fastest phones in the market though the new iPhone is just around the corner and it is also rumoured to be very fast too.

Although Android is very good, it still falls a little short of perfection, as does its iOS. But then if perfection was possible there would be no need for further innovation and that would be boring. Find special offers on mobile phones, and the latest specs on the hottest models at Dialaphone.

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