Cool Cookoo Watches

Your Cookoo Watch can alert you when you get one inbound call, missed call, e-mail, SMS, calendar reminders, alarms, low electric battery and even signals an individual once you deposit the phone in back of!
And if or when really that wasn’t sufficient, the watch will also sync with Facebook to get notifications and various other features these as examining in.


Open the Cookoo Observe software in your mobile, and you may instruct your see to seem a good alarm enabling you to listen away because of it. This excellent is each done via your Cookoo See application in your mobile or possibly iPad. We know this excellent is probably too a lot things so that you can take in therefore we ll allow an individual alongside another component – The Cookoo Watch is actually waterproof to 5 ATM so it works fine through rain, showering and also low cycling. Continue reading “Cool Cookoo Watches”

Extra Charge And Sync Devices With The Wonder-Cable!

I am the type of person which needs a lot of space and more than probably cannot live with someone else. I am so messy that once I fell asleep with my headphones in my ears and almost suffocated.

So yes, I am not good with technology, cables, wires and all these stuff. So, to prevent any deadly incidents I bought myslef one of these wonderful gadgets that does the work for me: The OneCable Sync and Charge Cable.

OneCable Sync and Charge Cable

And as you can already imagine, it is one cable that solves all your problems. It features Apple, MiniUSB and MicroUSB connectors so that you can sync and charge all your gadgets all at once, without waiting for your soul´s immortality.

Therefore you can charge more and carry less on the road with you. Plus you won´t get tangled in all these cables.The variety of gadgets that match with this cable is enormous and among this you will find the iPod (classic and nano), iPhone 4, iPad 2, BlackBerry, Smartphones, Cameras, Gaming devices, Amazon Kindle etc. Continue reading “Extra Charge And Sync Devices With The Wonder-Cable!”

SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case – Red

SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case
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Ipad2 is one gadget everyone loves to own. Ipad 2 is increasingly popular and many have got one for themselves. However, due to its unique and complicated design, the protecting accessories are equally unique. One such accessory is SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case, which comes in bright Red color.

The leather like material gives an elegant look, without undermining the elegance of the Ipad2. Priced only at £19.95, this is just what you need. Yes, Apple store does feature a stand, but that comes at a whopping price. If you are looking at affordable and elegant alternatives, without compromising on the features, then, this is what you need. Continue reading “SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case – Red”