Don’t let yourself spied any longer

Be careful, the NSA(National Security Agency) is watching. The NSA was developed in order to collect, devode, translate and analize global information at the range of online conversations. Despite this fact, today’s rumours consider the NSA a matter of divine organization, capable of intercept and control information at a world wide scale. More, thanks to […]

Phone Fun With the iDuo Stylus and Pen!

At first I thought that this is not possible but I soon realized that it is true! The iDuo Stylus And Pen is actually the perfect tool for the busy world in which we live. Although I carry 4 pens in my bag, I never seem to find one when I need it. But this […]

New Android App: Spotify

Many people enjoy using their smartphone to listen to streaming music. In order to do this they typically require some sort of phone app. One music streaming service, Spotify, is preparing to release a newly redesigned app for Android phones. As they prepare to release the full version of the service, Spotify is offering a […]