New World Speed Record for a Robot

Cheetah, a four-legged as well as headless robot, has set a brand new world speed record, based on the You Defense Advanced Analysis Projects Agency (DARPA).

DARPA mentioned Cheetah attained 18 mph (29 km/h) about a laboratory treadmill plus the past land speed record by a legged robot had been thirteen.1 mph.

Four-legged robot Cheetah
Photo: DARPA

DARPA – that is run by the particular Pentagon – funded the Massachusetts robotics company Boston Dynamics with build the particular machine.

The actual active version of Cheetah is determined by a great off-board hydraulic pump, requiring one of several researchers to be able to hold the tubing from its means. Yet, the actual experts said a free-running prototype was actually planned for later this yr. Continue reading “New World Speed Record for a Robot”