Orange Micro Robotic Tank

Let’s Play! For so long I’ve wanted a toy like this one! And my 3 years old daughter was very excited when she first saw it, considering how playful is this amazing Robotic Tank. This robotic tank not only go in all directions, but also makes extremely funny noises. This toy is perfect to relax […]

The world’s smallest microSD memory card of 2GB

This microSD memory card has a 2GB capacity although it is very small. You can store documents, photo files, video recordings, music and other type of files on it. The device is a must-have item if you are a paranoid, multi-tasking user like me who likes to keep an eye on everything. A microSD memory […]

Microsoft cashing in from Android popularity

It seems that the current smartphone climate is win/win for Microsoft; not only are they currently deep into development of Windows Phones, but they are apparently making money from the immense popularity of Google’s Android operating system… Due to a patent settlement between Microsoft and HTC (which was brought about after Microsoft sued the smartphone […]