Orange Micro Robotic Tank

Let’s Play!


For so long I’ve wanted a toy like this one! And my 3 years old daughter was very excited when she first saw it, considering how playful is this amazing Robotic Tank.

This robotic tank not only go in all directions, but also makes extremely funny noises.

This toy is perfect to relax after a tiring day at work.

Playful robot can be guided with your smart phone and I gladly recommend to buy, because it is one of the best iPhone accessories. Continue reading “Orange Micro Robotic Tank”

The Perfect Fan For Your Hot Days!

Well, it is official: it is now SUMMER time. And we love it!

But besides the awesome, sunny days we also confront ourselves with some negative aspects of this period: the sticking hotness that simply brings us down.

Not anymore, boys and girls, because now you have the Executive Desk USB Fan – Twin Pack!

Executive Desk USB Fan

Among its advantages, this mini fan is very cool as design, it doesn’t occupy much space, but preserves a high power and capacity of cooling, it has an individual switcher and an iron hard case with a stand.

And the fact that, due to the USB port we can plug it into any computer or laptop makes it even more perfect. If possible.

Enjoy it with only £14.99 from and you can buy all phone accessories, iPhone accessories, iPad accessories and more.

It is all yours!

iHat MP3 Headphones Review

iHat MP3 Headphones

There are times when we really feel depressed, down or even overexcited and feel like listening to loud music. However, not always can we listen to music we cherish aloud. It could be due to elders who are sick, elders who don’t prefer loud music, or elders who do not share the same taste music, or due to studying kids at home and there are scores of other reasons including intrusive neighbors! But, can we stop listening to music altogether or compromise, with a volume like we can barely hear? Absolutely Not! We all love to hear loud music from time to time and during mood swings, music can be great mood lifters. Help is at hand, with iHat MP3 Headphones. Continue reading “iHat MP3 Headphones Review”