Little but great microSD Card Reader


We meet very large USB gadgets everywhere, but one small with outstanding performance is hard to find. I purchased a microSD Card Reader from and I’m very excited about my purchase.
This card reader connects to any computer for data write and read capabilities so it can be uses like a USB flash drive in order to transfer data between computers for work and home use.

Integral microSD card reader allows anyone to access the multimedia content on any mobile phone when on the move.
The Integral Micro SD Mini USB Reader is small enough to carry on your key-chain.
You can buy this amazing product from, along with other mobile phone accessories.

Get the FlexiShield Skin For Your Nokia Lumia 610!

Searching for the right phone case to protect my gadget, I came across an amazing accessory that actually made me consider changing my phone with a Nokia Lumia 610.

First thing is first. Let me introduce you to  FlexiShield Skin, a custom made protection case for Nokia Lumia 610. Made out of a combination of tough silicone and strong polycarbonate, this case protects the back and sides of your phone with maximum care. It also features cut outs for all ports and an incredibly sexy design meant to make everyone jealous.

The only element that you should take into consideration when buying FlexiShield Skin is the fact that it only offers protection for the back and sides of your gadget. Use a separate protection for the screen and you will be good to go.

You can find it on the site, at the  Nokia accessories section at the price of only 12.99€. Simple and fun!


Keep Your Gadgets Charged at Any Time of the Day!

Every time I enter a site with technological ¨goodies,¨ I expect to find something useful, at a resonable price and pretty.  So when I found this Retractable Car Charger with USB Port I was more than happy.

Retractable Car Charger with USB Port

The best thing about it is that it has a retractable cable which saves me the trouble to untangle it every single time I use it. And the fact that it can be used in the car, makes it even better, because this way I can be conected to the outside world at any moment of the day.

After you are done with the charging you just press one button and the wire rewinds and the whole thing can be neatly stored in. In addition to this, the gadget stops charging once the battery is full, so it wouldn´t get ruin and has a very cool design. So you will definitely be a fashionable driver.

Moreover, the charger can be connected to any 12 or 24 volt system and…….get ready for this…. it has an  USB port which allows you to charge more than one device at a time.

Isn´t it wonderful?

You can buy this amazing micro usb car charger from