Cool Professional Stylus Pen

Professional Stylus Pen

This elegant pen is called the Graduate Stylus Pen and it is a professional writing instrument, perfect for touchscreen mobile phones or other devices.

I’ve tested this Stylus Pen with my Android Phone, I’ve tested it with an iPhone, with an iPad… it works amazing with all these devices.

The Graduate Stylus Pen offer comfortable feel in the hand and using it as a writing instrument or as a stylus is natural and easy. Continue reading “Cool Professional Stylus Pen”

Cool SmartTime Bluetooth Watch With Caller ID

SmartTime Bluetooth Watch With Caller ID

SmartTime Bluetooth Watch With Caller ID is one gadget none should miss. Designed for independence from mobile phones and carrying it around, this is a trendy add-on. Looking much like a bracelet, with a glossy finish for elegance, it is ideal for youth and businessmen alike. The design goes with any type of attire and gives vibration alert, every time a call or message is received. The display shows the name of the person calling, or sending message, making it easier to decide if one has to grab the phone, without much ado.

Especially, for those who are to be available most of the time, like business men and entrepreneurs, this is a must have. For students who can’t afford to stay off their phone and need a trendy add-on to give them freedom from carrying it around or looking at the screen, this is the way to go. During other times, SmartTime Bluetooth Watch With Caller ID will show the time and function much like a watch! Continue reading “Cool SmartTime Bluetooth Watch With Caller ID”