Pink Touch Tip Gloves

This winter I had a problem with my touch phone. I could not use it at all. I was to ski and at a phone call I had to respond, each time I’ve removed the gloves. My hands froze immediately and answering my phone seemed very hard to do.


I’m not the only one who had experienced this difficulty talking on mobile phone with touch, with normal gloves.
Well, it looks like I found the solution to this problem.

Touch Type Gloves are great! Since I have found them I’m the happiest person. These amazing mobile phone accessories are made from wind resistant fleece and will keep your hands warm and comfortable in this cold weather.

The gloves are easy to wear too, as they fit perfectly around your hands.
I recommend you to use them and you will be very pleased.

Little but great microSD Card Reader


We meet very large USB gadgets everywhere, but one small with outstanding performance is hard to find. I purchased a microSD Card Reader from and I’m very excited about my purchase.
This card reader connects to any computer for data write and read capabilities so it can be uses like a USB flash drive in order to transfer data between computers for work and home use.

Integral microSD card reader allows anyone to access the multimedia content on any mobile phone when on the move.
The Integral Micro SD Mini USB Reader is small enough to carry on your key-chain.
You can buy this amazing product from, along with other mobile phone accessories.

Desk Genie: Mobile Phone Stand and Charger

Desk Genie Mobile Phone Stand and Charger

Desk Genie is a smart desk stand for your mobile phone and a charger at the same time. It can hold your handset in horizontal position on its non-slip surface and it’s also an USB hub, an 8-in-1 card reader. You can even use it as an universal charger.


– Supports Windows 2000/XP/ Vista, Mac OSX and Linux
– Size: 59 x 102 x 106 mm at 95g
– Connectors: iPhone/iPod, Nokia 2mm, Nokia 3.5mm, MicroUSB, Mini USB, LG, Samsung Tip1/Tip2, Sony Ericsson Fast Port
– Comes with Non-slip Holder 2 USB Ports, Mini USB Cable, Charger Output Cable, Mobile Phone Connectors and the user manual.

Find out everything about it at Mobile Fun and get one for £14.99.