Why Wrist Mobile Phones Are Gaining Popularity

Mobile Phones Are Gaining Popularity

Manufacturers have played around with James Bond- or Dick Tracy-type of wrist mobile phones for a number of years. While some makers have enjoyed moderate success over time, it wasn’t until mid-2011 that the occasional fad purchase started turning into a trend. Why are users turning to miniature mobile phones when smartphone trends demand larger screens?

The first factor bridges both trends: Technology is not static. Advancements and improvements happen faster than tech blogs can track. As Win98 was one the PC operating system rage but is now a fond historical relic, so has mobile technology progressed.

What was once a sci-fi invention is now incorporated into mobile phones, smartphones and wrist mobile devices. Miniaturization, circuitry improvements and satellite technology all combine into smaller, more capable devices than simply a back-lit watch with calendar options.

The second factor is discretion. It’s very easy to strap the mobile phone onto a wrist and head to work and not worry whether you’ve forgotten your smartphone. Vibration settings that are now available on wrist mobile phones provide that edge of discretion that alarm-based mobiles once left behind. Fashionably paired with time keeping capabilities, only a few savvy tech-heads may recognize that you’re doing more than checking time in that long, drawn-out department meeting. Continue reading “Why Wrist Mobile Phones Are Gaining Popularity”