Cool Cookoo Watches

Your Cookoo Watch can alert you when you get one inbound call, missed call, e-mail, SMS, calendar reminders, alarms, low electric battery and even signals an individual once you deposit the phone in back of!
And if or when really that wasn’t sufficient, the watch will also sync with Facebook to get notifications and various other features these as examining in.


Open the Cookoo Observe software in your mobile, and you may instruct your see to seem a good alarm enabling you to listen away because of it. This excellent is each done via your Cookoo See application in your mobile or possibly iPad. We know this excellent is probably too a lot things so that you can take in therefore we ll allow an individual alongside another component – The Cookoo Watch is actually waterproof to 5 ATM so it works fine through rain, showering and also low cycling. Continue reading “Cool Cookoo Watches”

E09F-Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications

E09F-Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications

Has it ever happened to you to be at a beach party and one of your friends throw you into the water with all your clothes on; just as a joke? Well, it happened to me and I must say it wasn’t funny at all. Especially when I had to remove the algae from my phone’s sandy display.

Why E09F?

This is where the new E09F from Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications comes in handy. Besides protecting your phone in the rainy days, this cool gadget has plenty useful features: you can lock your phone and erase e-mail addresses, numbers, messages in case it gets stolen but it has a screen lock option too, also for business, which protects you from unwanted leaks.

Great E09F for business and for pleasure, right?

The world’s smallest microSD memory card of 2GB

2GB transflash Micro SD memory card

This microSD memory card has a 2GB capacity although it is very small. You can store documents, photo files, video recordings, music and other type of files on it. The device is a must-have item if you are a paranoid, multi-tasking user like me who likes to keep an eye on everything.

A microSD memory card can be used standalone or even increase the capacity of your available memory for additional data. This is a necessary feature if you want to keep software applications or entertaining files that you do not normally have room for. This microSD of 2GB is the world’s smallest memory card of standard SD flash memory format which has been specially created to support ultra-small mobile phones.

Due to its small size, this microSD memory card can be placed virtually anywhere for safekeeping but be careful not to lose it. It’s usually recommended to hold it directly in the mobile phone. Continue reading “The world’s smallest microSD memory card of 2GB”