Amazing Connection Kit Review

This particular eKit Apple iPad and even iPhone Camera/TV/Memory Card Connection Kit allows you to seamlessly connect your iPad or iPhone 4S/4 with various sources to improve the online globe.

Connection Kit

The actual eKit connection adapter permits the actual connection of simultaneously standard and in addition micro USB devices and in addition SD and also Micro SD cards. This particular allows you to see and even transfer data straight from USB storage equipment not to mention online camera memory cards with no the need of excess cables.

The TV connection kit for the iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 not to mention iPhone 4S/4 makes it effortless in order to have fun watching videos, movies, slideshows and additionally a lot more. Continue reading “Amazing Connection Kit Review”

Universal Solar Charger Must Have

Universal Solar Charger
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Universal Solar Charger USB edition is a handy device for any picnic, long holidays and business trip or even for daily use. Ecofriendly gadgets are gaining popularity worldwide. This is another environment friendly gadget that is very useful and can come in handy during long trips. The ability to charge it through electricity, when solar power is down is an added advantage that’s probably unique for the cost it comes at.

Universal Solar Charger USB Edition is an innovative gadget and comes with a range of advantages like USB ports, solar cum electricity recharging, 7 charging heads for different devices, bright LED light that can be used as a torch if needed, three indicating lights for indicating charging / discharging, short circuit protection and over discharge protection. There is a user manual to help users. Above all, it also has a voltage adjusting feature. Continue reading “Universal Solar Charger Must Have”

Roll up your Keyboard

Roll up your Keyboard

Haven’t you ever wanted a keyboard you can just pull out of your backpack, use, than put back? How about one that can be rolled up? With the freeKEY keyboard from Scosche, this is now possible.

Designed for any devices that support iPad, iPhone, DROID, Droid X2 or others with Bluetooth connectivity, the freeKEY keyboard is flexible, waterproof, wireless and you can tuck it away in any bag, purse or pocket. You can use it up to 30 feet away from the unit where it’s connected. Features a mini-USB port for charging. Continue reading “Roll up your Keyboard”