Little but great microSD Card Reader


We meet very large USB gadgets everywhere, but one small with outstanding performance is hard to find. I purchased a microSD Card Reader from and I’m very excited about my purchase.
This card reader connects to any computer for data write and read capabilities so it can be uses like a USB flash drive in order to transfer data between computers for work and home use.

Integral microSD card reader allows anyone to access the multimedia content on any mobile phone when on the move.
The Integral Micro SD Mini USB Reader is small enough to carry on your key-chain.
You can buy this amazing product from, along with other mobile phone accessories.

Micro SD Review

Today, most of us own a laptop, smartphone and other high-end gadgets. Even so, when traveling, we prefer taking a backup of important files, or music in a different backup device. How does an 8GB transflash Micro SD memory card sound? Yes, this is compact, yet comes with huge capacity and can be used to store, photos, videos, music and just about any other files or data. With storage space ranging form 4 GB, it is easier to choose the capacity that’s suits one’s need.

Micro SD

Being a Micro SD card, one can use it with their phone, laptop, system and other devices. Even with devices that don’t support SD card, card reader can be connected for reading content. However, transflash Micro SD memory card is more often used with smartphones. Similar to standard microSD card, the microSDHC cards are engineered to suit SD Specification Version 2.00.Further, microSDHC host devices are mandatory to be able to read this. It is a good idea to look at the logo and see if microSD logos are given in a user’s phone, PDA, camera, etc. Continue reading “Micro SD Review”