Amazing Connection Kit Review

This particular eKit Apple iPad and even iPhone Camera/TV/Memory Card Connection Kit allows you to seamlessly connect your iPad or iPhone 4S/4 with various sources to improve the online globe.

Connection Kit

The actual eKit connection adapter permits the actual connection of simultaneously standard and in addition micro USB devices and in addition SD and also Micro SD cards. This particular allows you to see and even transfer data straight from USB storage equipment not to mention online camera memory cards with no the need of excess cables.

The TV connection kit for the iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 not to mention iPhone 4S/4 makes it effortless in order to have fun watching videos, movies, slideshows and additionally a lot more. Continue reading “Amazing Connection Kit Review”

Samsung Micro Card Stores Your Memories Away!

Samsung is one of the most appreciated companies of telephones, so everything signed by it must worth its value.

Samsung 16GB Plus C10 Micro SD Card

The following Samsung 16GB Plus C10 Micro SD Card is perfect for storing all your memories, even if they are underwater , because this baby is waterproof.

Moreover, we all know that when dropping things on the floor we risk to lose precious information. Now you don’t have to worry about it anymore because this card can stand the weight of a 1.6 ton truck and the magnetic field of  almost 10,000 gauss, similar to the huge magnetic level from the  MRI.

Its speed is of 8.2MB/sec. read rate and 7.7 MB/sec write rate, while the dimensions are 15 x 11 x 1 mm, probably the world’s smallest removable storage module.

I think is useless to say something else about the utility of this card.Don’t you think?

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