Amazing Connection Kit Review

This particular eKit Apple iPad and even iPhone Camera/TV/Memory Card Connection Kit allows you to seamlessly connect your iPad or iPhone 4S/4 with various sources to improve the online globe.

Connection Kit

The actual eKit connection adapter permits the actual connection of simultaneously standard and in addition micro USB devices and in addition SD and also Micro SD cards. This particular allows you to see and even transfer data straight from USB storage equipment not to mention online camera memory cards with no the need of excess cables.

The TV connection kit for the iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 not to mention iPhone 4S/4 makes it effortless in order to have fun watching videos, movies, slideshows and additionally a lot more. Continue reading “Amazing Connection Kit Review”

The Perfect Fan For Your Hot Days!

Well, it is official: it is now SUMMER time. And we love it!

But besides the awesome, sunny days we also confront ourselves with some negative aspects of this period: the sticking hotness that simply brings us down.

Not anymore, boys and girls, because now you have the Executive Desk USB Fan – Twin Pack!

Executive Desk USB Fan

Among its advantages, this mini fan is very cool as design, it doesn’t occupy much space, but preserves a high power and capacity of cooling, it has an individual switcher and an iron hard case with a stand.

And the fact that, due to the USB port we can plug it into any computer or laptop makes it even more perfect. If possible.

Enjoy it with only £14.99 from and you can buy all phone accessories, iPhone accessories, iPad accessories and more.

It is all yours!

Stick Um! and Go!

We live a very frustrated life and we are always on the run, so it is natural that we would buy and appreciate things that can make our lives easier.

Universal In Car Holder

Like the Stick Um! Universal In Car Holder. This gorgeous little gadget is perfect for when you want to drive and use your devices in a legal and healthy way. Just find a flat surface, apply Stick Um! and drop the clamp.

It has never been easier to use your GPS, iPod, iPhone or MP3, without hindering your driving or leaving a lot of mess after use.

Oh, and I should not forget about its ability to hold 2 devices as once. Simply great! Just stick them there (don’t worry, they will not fall due to the innovative material which fixes the gadgets and prevents them from slipping away) and forget about them. They will stay right there and serve you with maximum intensity and loyalty.

And the price is only £9.99. A pretty good offer I would say. Don’t you think?
Buy this amazing product from, along with other great phone holders.