Colorful Silicone Cases for Your iPhone 4!

The iPhone4 owners are in for a real treat. The fabulous 10-in-1 Silicone Case Pack for iPhone 4S /4 is here to stay. I absolutely adore the way they look. And the colors! O-My-God!

These are made of a soft touch silicone construction and offer a very light but sure protection for your phone. The material is strong enough to keep it safe and most important, it is made specially for iPhone 4S/S. Ah, and of course, you get 10 colorful cases in one single pack. You have the fabulous colors (blue, green, pink, yellow, black, red, sky blue, purple, orange and white) and an incredible value for money.

The pack costs only $20.49 and you can order it from the mobilefun site at the section accessories, together with other amazing things like iPhone 5 accessories.

Enjoy it! You will love it!

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iPad 3 Short Review

iPad 3 price will be between $500-$830.

It’s been less than couple years since the particular iPad initially landed, yet Apple typically is willing to result in the merely pill value buying actually better. Headlining the particular list of the latest features about the iPad 3 ($500-$830) is the drool-worthy Retina display, that densely packs with regard to enough pixels which the human eye can be unable to be able to differentiate individual pixels when held at a reading distance – you understand, like that iPhone 4 with regard to your own pocket.

iPad 3

The particular new iPad as well as that crazy screen typically is driven with a excellent overall performance A5X chip alongside quad-core graphics (that is still is smart enough with deliver 10 hr electric battery life). Continue reading “iPad 3 Short Review”