Protect Your iPad With the Best KeyCase!

The iPad is a true wonder for those who use it every day. Multitasking is much more interesting when you have a cool friend to help you in any circumstances. So your job is to take care of your friend when he needs it right? The KeyCase iPad 4 / 3 / 2 Folio Deluxe with Bluetooth Keyboard kind of enforces my point here, because it offers a great deal of protection.

This can be found in the iPad accessories  category and comes with many advantages. First and most important is the fact that it has a  Qwerty Bluetooth keyboard incorporated, that is dust-proof (Oh, yes!) and makes almost no noise when used. In addition to this, it features a magnetic fastener for extra security.

Furthermore, the battery is rechargeable and lasts for approximately 45 hours, it can be used for all types of iPads (4/3/2) due to nice cuts on the front and ports and it features an auto-sleep setting, to economize battery. Not to mention the regular function, like that of any iPad case , to protect and prevent iPads from getting serious injuries.

Bottom line, you are going to love this case. It is strong, sexy and protects everything inside. Fabulous!



Plunge Into Technology, Fast and Easy!

We have become a very lazy people, don’t you think?  Everything that we have must come with a means of making our lives much easier and comfortable. And we likeeeee it!

What do you think about the iPlunge KickStand for iPhone/iPad, the perfect accessory that will allow you to do many things at once?

For starters, it is very sleek and stylish, fitting perfectly into an official environment, but at the same time into casual and relaxing one.

And what is more important, is so easy to handle, that anyone can do it.Just stick it to go and then pull it off when you are finished.

Tanaaaa.Simple and fast. And only £8.99!

Damn this site is good!

Buy this amazing product from, where you will find all mobile phone cover models.