Laptop/iPad Foldable Stand

Having a support in life is sometimes more important than all the money in the world. If you agree with this, then you understand why the Laptop/iPad Foldable Stand is perfect for your needs. And your gadget won’t remain insensitive to this try either!

This simple, yet efficient device can hold iPads and laptops within 10-15 inch and approximately 5.5 kg. Besides its feature that can allow you to enhance airflow in order to keep your gadget cool, it also has a button that adjusts its height and position.

This  Laptop/iPad Foldable Stand is small and easy to deposit, so it will probably become one of your closest friends and constant support.

Dot Gloves

The main problem of the new touchscreen gadgets is their display. You always have to be careful with it and maneuver it as gentle as possible. Not to mention in the winter when you have to take off your gloves in order to call someone, because your finger keeps sliding away.

With Dot Gloves, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. These are specially made for those who own an iPad,iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC etc. allowing them to keep their hands warm in the winter and handle their phone.

Their thumb, index and middle fingers have a protective tip that create the illusion of skin, so that you can operate your phone without scratching it.

It is that simple!

iPad Periodic Table Case


Does your kid like science and instead of playing football, he spends his time studying chemical symbols and… loving it?

Look no further, because your role as a parent for his birthday has been accomplished by those who created the iPad Periodic Table Case.

This is a case made with double padding for extra protection, which has a periodic table colored on its front. This way, your kid can learn while he goes to school and have the geeky look that everyone’s talking about.

The iPad Periodic Table Case can be bought for the price of $35 and can host not only iPads but any other tablets too. Enjoy!