Cool Cookoo Watches

Your Cookoo Watch can alert you when you get one inbound call, missed call, e-mail, SMS, calendar reminders, alarms, low electric battery and even signals an individual once you deposit the phone in back of! And if or when really that wasn’t sufficient, the watch will also sync with Facebook to get notifications and various […]

Cool Professional Stylus Pen

This elegant pen is called the Graduate Stylus Pen and it is a professional writing instrument, perfect for touchscreen mobile phones or other devices. I’ve tested this Stylus Pen with my Android Phone, I’ve tested it with an iPhone, with an iPad… it works amazing with all these devices. The Graduate Stylus Pen offer comfortable […]

Orange Micro Robotic Tank

Let’s Play! For so long I’ve wanted a toy like this one! And my 3 years old daughter was very excited when she first saw it, considering how playful is this amazing Robotic Tank. This robotic tank not only go in all directions, but also makes extremely funny noises. This toy is perfect to relax […]