Cool 7 Inch Car DVD Player

This car DVD player features an amazing 800×480 pixel screen resolution, meaning that you can watch everything clearer, sharper and much better.
It also features built-in car navigation system that runs with the most popular GPS software, like Route66, TomTom and many more.
Depending on software choice, you will have access to powerful features like: lane assist, voice guidance, 3-D views, intelligent route planning, points of interest (POI), real time traffic and weather data, map update and share, emergency response to your location, plus 3 meter GPS magnet antenna to significantly boost your GPS signal reception.

Cool 7 Inch Car DVD Player Features:
• High Definition 7.0 Inch LCD True Touchscreen
• Astounding 800 x 480 Screen Resolution
• GPS and free magnet antenna
• DVB-T and free magnet antenna
• Free 2GB SD card with evaluation GPS software
• Dual Zone functionality

You can buy it for $318.11 at Chinavasion.


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