Cell Phone Anti-Thief Bluetooth Bracelet

Cell Phone Anti-Thief Bluetooth Bracelet
This Bluetooth bracelet is one of the latest security gadgets, a perfect combination between technology and classic design. It is made from comfortable silicone material and has an elegant and clear OLED display.

-substantial and wireless connection to cell phone: Bluetooth V2.0.
-Vibration prompts for incoming phone. Indication of incoming phone NO.: Include name and phone NO.
-Bracelet controls reject/mute function
-Initiatively control incoming phone
-SMS/MMS vibration prompt
-Break away cell phone prompt, it can send vibration warning to avoid lose or stealing
-Automatic pairing, no need to operate repeatedly.
-Rapid battery charge function
-Standby time: up to 30 days.

You can buy it for $34.89

Cool Bluetooth Handsfree Speaker Car Kit

Cool Bluetooth Handsfree Speaker Car Kit

This Bluetooth Car Kit is a great gadget to use, with no special installation requirements. You simply pair it with your cellphone and then it’s ready to be used.

I am sure that it will make your driving experience to be easier and safer, because you don’t have to use hands while answering the phone and it makes sure that you and your entire family is safe when going on a road trip.

If you leave the car, the Bluetooth disconnects, but when you are back in, you don’t have to connect it, because it will connect automatically.

Provided with this cool stylish aerodynamic Bluetooth car kit is a rubber mat that makes the unit stay in place on your cars dashboard, even when turning corners, the device will simple stay in place and not slide away, and when running out of power, simply insert it into your car’s cigarette lighter outlet to recharge the Bluetooth car kit.

CVBW-C36 Bluetooth Handsfree Speaker Features:
• Plug & Play
• Easy To Use
• Bluetooth V2.0
• Bonus Dashboard Mat for holding unit in place

You can get this for $30.43.