SG-1200 Stun Gun

This hand held stun gun is the perfect choice for someone concerned about their personal safety. Stun guns are a non-lethal self defense choice that contrary to some belief does not operate by incapacitating through pain. The stun gun causes a person’s muscles to rapidly spasm. This causes the person’s body to essentially burn through the stored energy used to power those muscles, preventing them from being able to move. Should the attacker even manage to touch you while you are stunning them, you have no fear of the voltage passing through to you, you are completely safe.

Features Built in LED Light Rechargeable Battery

Technical Specs Power supply: Internal rechargeable battery Recharge time: 10 Hours Voltage: 3500KV Dimensions: 5″ x 1.8″ x 1.4″

Includes 1 SG-1200 handheld stun gun 1 Power cord 1 drawstring bag

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