iPad Periodic Table Case


Does your kid like science and instead of playing football, he spends his time studying chemical symbols and… loving it?

Look no further, because your role as a parent for his birthday has been accomplished by those who created the iPad Periodic Table Case.

This is a case made with double padding for extra protection, which has a periodic table colored on its front. This way, your kid can learn while he goes to school and have the geeky look that everyone’s talking about.

The iPad Periodic Table Case can be bought for the price of $35 and can host not only iPads but any other tablets too. Enjoy!


Spiky Massage Ball

Are there times when you come home so tired that all you need is a good massage to make you sleep like a baby? < the perfect way to end your day.

This tiny ball was designed to help you release daily tension, stimulate your blood flow and massage your worked up muscles. With a diameter that varies between 8 and 10 cm, Spiky Massage Ball will do wonders for you and will definitely help you relax after a tough day at work.

With Spiky Massage Ball you can enjoy relaxation from your own home.

Naughty Knot


Your boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and you couldn’t be more terrified because you have no idea what to get him? Well, we might have a daring suggestion: the Naughty Knot.

It can hardly be called a gadget, but it will sure have the same effect as one of the most powerful ones.

The Naughty Knot functions like this: you get yourself naked and you wrap your body into this tiny, red bow. Taking into consideration that it has been featured on “The Gerry Springer Show” and “American Inventor”, I believe it can qualify as a serious gift. Continue reading “Naughty Knot”