Tie Knot Water Balloon Filler

We all remember how we used to enjoy the regular water balloon fights that kept us out of the house for hours, right? So it is only natural that we show our children , the kind of fun we had when that tiny box called computer wasn’t  present among our hobbies.

Tie Knot Water Balloon Filler is the perfect idea that can determine you  to create water balloon competitions and  have a lot of fun. This interesting device allows you to fill and tie a water balloon in approximately 30 seconds. It is a little difficult at first, but once you get used to it, you will win every fight.


Metal Lighter Spy Camera


A lighter is the perfect excuse to meet new people or even to keep an eye on someone. You don’t know how? With the help of the new Metal Lighter Spy Camera which offers you the necessary tool for the perfect spying session.

It records audio and video, takes photographs, has a built-in microphone and rechargeable battery, supporting windows 7, Vista,XP and 2000. This special lighter also comes with a USB cable and a user guide.

You can have this amazing lighter for the price of only $29,99. Try it, you never know when you might need it!

WallHook AK47

If you have the “Clothes Hook Hidden Cam” to help you spy, it is only natural that you buy the WallHook AK47 to help you protect your house.

Don’t worry, I am not talking about the latest news from “The Godfather”, but about  funny ideas on how to enrich your walls. This interesting hook shaped as a gun, is perfect for those who love action games but also for those who want to feel like the owners of a real gun.

Although it is still a concept, the creation of  WallHook AK47 is not far, especially since it was so well received.

With this kind of name and attitude it will definitely smash any competition!