The Yammy Jelly


How many of you adore these edible treats shaped like little accessories? I truly admit I am one of you. Every time I see jelly, chocolate or gum designed in twisted ways, my day becomes a little brighter.

The WatchJelly, for example, is a set of sweets that can be transformed in watches of different flavors (coconut, vanilla and peppermint). It is great for kids, but I bet grown-ups wouldn’t refuse such a treat either.

Created by Paul Duddy, this cool watch is not available in stores, but we can only hope for that to happen, because it looks delicious!











No More DUIs!

Many people enjoy the occasional drink, and it is no harm in that, but unfortunately some actually decide that they are capable to drive, even if they had been partying all night.

With the Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester – Deluxe Edition, you won’t get to the point where you have to lose your license just because you had a couple of drinks. Just turn it on, blow into it for at least 5 seconds and the little device will indicate if you are sober enough to drive.

I think that 10.28 € is not a high price to pay, when your life is involved.

Drive safely!   










Another Darth Vader

We’ve already seen hairdryers, robes or costumes that portray the unmerciful prince called Darth Vader. So it was only a matter of time until we’d come across Darth Vader’s Head Wall Clock.

This is a cool black 3D head that has no clock face, but announces the hour with a creepy robotic sound. You put together a pair of red glowing eyes and you got yourself a pretty cool picture. For the Star Wars fans, of course!

We don’t recommend this to the “regular” people, unless they want to feel the adrenaline pouring through their veins every time this clock starts to “breathe”.