Solar Motion Tortoise Is The Best Gift You Should Give Your Kids

Solar Motion Tortoise

This is the best toy you can get for your kids. It is not only for small kids but also for all children despite their ages. It is very useful to the kids as it teaches them the benefits of solar energy as they play with it. Having a solar panel makes ready to go under the sunlight. At times, it shakes its head while wagging its tail, crawls forward slowly, and relaxed.

Some of the features that this tortoise possesses are: Continue reading “Solar Motion Tortoise Is The Best Gift You Should Give Your Kids”

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock
It is the loudest alarm clock suitable for waking you up. Many people prefer this clock compared to ipod alarm clock dock. It works by producing light and the sound that awakes anyone from deep sleep. The pulsating alert light alerts you when the alarm is going off .The 12v bed shaker enable you to feel the vibration that awakes you on time. You place the shaker under your mattress and it continues vibrating even when the alarm goes off. The vibration and the sound prevent you from sleeping over once more.

There is the 9v battery power connectors that make the alarm go off even when there is power cut off. It also assists in customizing the alarm settings according to your preference. Continue reading “Sonic Boom Alarm Clock”

Surgeon USB Drive Is The Best Gadget Discovered By Surgeons

Surgeon USB Drive

The surgeon USB drive is a very fast drive and that is certified at USB 2.0. This drive is made of durable ABS plastic and operates with no drivers when it offers support for windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and Mac OS.

It is light in weight and weighs 18g. It measures an estimation dimension of 83x38x15mm. It has a very high capacity of 4GB. This makes you get a lot of space to save your important stuff. As usual, it is a hot plug and play and functions just like any other hard drive. It is the perfect drive to use during operation process, as it does not require any driver. This is the best USB drive that all surgeons should adapt. Continue reading “Surgeon USB Drive Is The Best Gadget Discovered By Surgeons”