Dress Like a Princess

If there can be a robe with Darth Vader’s mask, it can surely be a Princess Leia costume too!

Due to the enormous success of this character, Lindsay Boo Barrasse, decided to create a very interesting costume. Besides being very hot, the most stunning feature of this costume is that is made of 15 yards of duct tape.

Believe it or not, this has turned out to be the deal of the year, since many women buy it to wear it on costume parties, Halloween, or simply to surprise their husbands. Could you refuse to come “to the dark side” with a hottie dressed like this?







Source: www.gizmodiva.com

The Singing Pillow

I have recently had the unfortunate occasion to travel by car, almost 26 hours. When I finally arrived at my destination, I was so tired that I couldn’t even keep my eyes opened. And a friend of mine told me about the new “Flex” Travel Sound Pillow!

You can listen to music due to its built in speakers and change its position according to your needs. You can flex it to keep your back supported, use it in pregnancies or mold it in any way you feel comfortable.

Don’t miss the chance to have the best pillow ever!








Source: www.boysstuff.co.uk

How To Make Your Keyboard Glow?


Spending a lot of time in front of the computer and especially at night is really tiring for your eyes, so you might want to protect them with the new Glowing Stickers for your keyboard.

These amazing stickers are made of a fluorescent print that reflects any kind of light source, so that you won’t have to tire out your eyes searching for the right letters. These are very easy to use (just peal and stick) and have a soft surface, very pleasant to touch.

Perfect and adjustable for any keyboard!








Source: www.thinkgeek.com