Give Your Manicure A Sweet Taste

Every woman aspires to a new and interesting manicure that can make her the center of attention, everywhere she goes.  This is why, specialists have tried their best to transform the process of nail caring into a real art that requires special attention.

But the Candy Sprinkles Nail Art made by Algae Veronica tops every thing you’ll ever experience.  It is made of colorful, tiny sprinkles which will make you lick your nails day by day.

They are stylish, playful and ….delicious. Don’t miss the chance of having the sweetest manicure ever!



Belt Organizer – Walnut

Your belts will stay tidy and untangled with this modern belt hanger. Constructed of beautiful natural or walnut finished hardwood with chrome accents, the accessory hanger conveniently holds twelve or more belts. You can also use this accessory organizer for hanging ties, wraps, or even jewelry! Discover the difference this belt hanger will make in your closet!

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Stash Your Money Cleverly

Some still believe that the best place to keep your money is under the mattress. Well, from now on, you can stash your finances in a “piggy bank” shaped as a mattress.

You can use the” Safest Bank In The World” money-bank for both bills and coins. In addition to having an elegant design, this also comes with a cute miniature pillow. Even your kids (+8) can be disciplined by offering them the possibility of  raising their own “salary”.

It costs approximately £8.99  and you will be able to sleep relaxed every night, knowing that your money is protected and secured.