Learn Origami and Have Fun

Origami is definitely one of the most interesting and educative arts. For those who are not familiarized with the term, this is an excellent way to test your creative skills. It teaches you how to use paper in order to shape flowers, birds or animals.

With Origami Sticky Note Pad, you can leave messages on your fridge, write shopping lists and keep yourself busy while you are at work. Nothing is easier and more entertaining since these notes have already a diagram that will help you model cats, swans, hats, cups, snakes, pianos, boats, pigeons, penguins and pelicans.

We suggest you learn this art. Who knows when you might need it?


Source: www.iwantoneofthose.com

Brush Your Teeth And Have Fun

Oral hygiene is very important especially for your little ones. The sooner they learn about the importance of brushing their teeth , the better. In order to arouse their curiosity and interest, concerning this subject you can use the Plastic Pill Shaped Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder.

This is a stand where you can put your daily products, shaped as a cute colored pill. Made of an eco material that will not affect the environment, nor your children, this small “gadget” is everything you need.

Your bathroom will be a little brighter and brushing won’t seem such a boring job anymore.


Source: www.dealextreme.com

Try This Incredible Love Potion

“Make love, not war”, they say. If you are not very keen on doing that, we have exactly what you need in order to bring a little happiness into your lives.

Love Energy Potion is a drink that will sweep you off your feet in no time, due to its precious combination of caffeine and vitamins (damiana, ashwaganda and horny goat weed). The first two are added to relax your sore muscles,  while the last one is to increase your sexual performances.

Ladies and gentlemen (because we know you are going to want it after telling you about the goat weed) you can buy it for only $2/bottle.



















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