Microsoft cashing in from Android popularity

It seems that the current smartphone climate is win/win for Microsoft; not only are they currently deep into development of Windows Phones, but they are apparently making money from the immense popularity of Google’s Android operating system…

Microsoft cashing in from Android popularity

Due to a patent settlement between Microsoft and HTC (which was brought about after Microsoft sued the smartphone manufacturer during a case of intellectual property infringement), Microsoft are currently receiving $5 payment for each HTC Android smartphone that is sold. Resulting in Microsoft earning off the back of the other two companies, both of whom are currently performing exceptionally well in the smartphone market.

According to Asymco, Microsoft have already earned a cool $150 million from HTC Android smartphone sales, due to the fact there has already been 30 million Android handsets sold by HTC.

The figure dwarfs the amount of money that Microsoft has managed to make from sales of their own Windows 7 Phone, meaning, rather bizarrely, that Google’s Android is one of Microsoft’s chief money-spinners.

Microsoft are also engaged in legal action against other mobile phone manufacturers, including Motorola and Barnes & Noble; who they are aiming to attain $7.50 to $12.50 from, for each device sold – that adds up to a great deal of revenue for Microsoft if the courts decide in their favour. Many industry analysts are taking the view that it would not be wise to put money against Microsoft getting their own way; it has been a long-established fact that the software giants have one of the best legal teams in the industry.

Meanwhile, Microsoft are developing an update for their Windows mobile phone operating system; the update is codenamed “Mango” and is set to deliver more than 500 new features to their devices.

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