HiPhone Prince009

HiPhone Prince009

Hmm… this cell phone’s model name suggests a combination between a price and James Bond or something, but besides having a funny name, the iPhone copy is a touchscreen handset coming with a 2GB memory card, special case and a charm. It is clearly destined to a fashionable girl.

Now let’s see what its main features are:

– Credit-card sized
– 1MB internal memory
– A 2.4-inch touch display
– Multimedia player
– USB and Bluetooth transfers support
– Built-in 1.3MP camera
– FM radio
– Up to 5 hours of talk time
– Input methods: stylus and virtual keyboard
– Quad-band support
– Multiple languages available for the user interface
– Tones of cool applications
– Included cable, 2 batteries and earphones.

If you like it you can get this for $65.99.

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