iPhone Solar Charger

iPhone Solar Charger

A truly innovative gadget that allows you to take an eco-friendly energy saving approach on your mobile phone, by using solar energy to charge your phone battery. At least it works during daytime…

The slim iPhone Solar Charger was voted #2 in the Gadget Show’s Best Stocking Fillers in 2010. The package includes 7 adapters that are compatible with most devices (including iPhone 2g/3g/4, PDAs and iPods) and a USB charging cable. With a constant voltage of 4.2V (to protect the internal battery) and Li-on rechargeable battery, the device lasts 2h in talk time or 40h in standby (if fully charged).

Available at Paramount Zone for £19.99.

Robo Robot 2GB USB Drive

Robo Robot 2GB USB Drive
The Robo Robo Robo is a made in limited copies and it is a funny USB specially design for robot lovers. It is made of soft rubber and has articulated head and arms for you to even play with it and it also can storage up to 2GB with the USB port.

Robo Features:
– 2 GB of interstellar, mini, giant robot storage.
– Articulated shoulders and neck.
– Soft rubber body for playtime fun.
– Hands can grasp many small cords.
– Chest emblem lights up red when plugged into USB port.
– Dimensions: 3.5″ tall.

Buy this amazing Robo-USB from ThinkGeek.com at only $39.99.

Internet Phone Looking Like a Telephone

Internet Phone Looking Like a Telephone

This is the Business Phone for Computers. It was designed to look like a telephone, but works as an Internet phone that can be used by home, users, business users and for different commercial purposes. Actually, you can use it both as a landline phone when plugged into the telephone wire, and as an Internet phone with VoIP functionality, while connected to the computer via USB.

It features:

– Phone Book and Caller ID
– Call Recording and Built-in Answering Machine
– One-click Calling
– Internet Calling
– Call History

You can find out all the details at Chinavasion, where you also can get one for $63.33.