Get the FlexiShield Skin For Your Nokia Lumia 610!

Searching for the right phone case to protect my gadget, I came across an amazing accessory that actually made me consider changing my phone with a Nokia Lumia 610.

First thing is first. Let me introduce you to  FlexiShield Skin, a custom made protection case for Nokia Lumia 610. Made out of a combination of tough silicone and strong polycarbonate, this case protects the back and sides of your phone with maximum care. It also features cut outs for all ports and an incredibly sexy design meant to make everyone jealous.

The only element that you should take into consideration when buying FlexiShield Skin is the fact that it only offers protection for the back and sides of your gadget. Use a separate protection for the screen and you will be good to go.

You can find it on the site, at the  Nokia accessories section at the price of only 12.99€. Simple and fun!


Phone Fun With the iDuo Stylus and Pen!

At first I thought that this is not possible but I soon realized that it is true! The iDuo Stylus And Pen is actually the perfect tool for the busy world in which we live.

Although I carry 4 pens in my bag, I never seem to find one when I need it. But this amazing little gadget has solved the problem for me. It is excellent for the times when you need to work with the touchscreen platforms in order to get things done faster. It has a omnidirectional tip that offers a great interaction and precision. Next to that, it also works with all the capacitive screens, so you can use for tablet, phone, iPad etc.

And as you probably already guessed, the ballpoint built in will reduce the number of fingertips on your screen, leaving it clean and without scratches.

See how great it is to have an item like this can multi- task to make your life easier? You will not only have a mobile phone stylus that will help you navigate, but also a pen every time you want to write important things down. Yes, it is that easy!


Red Cover For Hot Kindle!

I have recently found out how important is a protective cover for my gadgets. After dropping valuable things, good lessons are learned right?

Well,  M-Edge Latitude Jacket is perfect for your little Kindle. It features some important functions like a ballistic nylon exterior and a jersey interior that offer maximum of protection, an internal structural core material that leaves it undisturbed even after serious shocks (see the previous pains) and a four point mounting system that contributes to its stability.

But this is not all. It also includes a double closure zipper which will leave you free to access the charging port without getting the Kindle naked. And last, but not least, it is compatible with M-Edge e-Luminator Touch booklight.

All these qualities, one single item. Enjoy this amazing Kindle case!