Want To Stay Sane At Work? Then Avoid These Stereotypes!

Let’s face it, we all want to get through our working day as calmly and as stress-free as possible, but this isn’t always possible, of course. While it’s sometimes the work itself that may drive us crazy, more often than not it’s the people we have to deal with that are the main sources of irritation. Here are a few stereotypical characters we should all give a wide berth to.

The boss who tries too hard

The boss who tries too hard

It’s always good to have a boss that you can interact with, purely because it makes a working relationship easier to maintain. However, there are some managers who simply try too hard to be one of the gang. Being friendly and approachable is all well and good, of course, but when he or she goes over the top with the office banter it can be disorienting for everyone. There’s a line there, and the boss needs to stay on the right side of it. Continue reading “Want To Stay Sane At Work? Then Avoid These Stereotypes!”

Why Wrist Mobile Phones Are Gaining Popularity

Mobile Phones Are Gaining Popularity

Manufacturers have played around with James Bond- or Dick Tracy-type of wrist mobile phones for a number of years. While some makers have enjoyed moderate success over time, it wasn’t until mid-2011 that the occasional fad purchase started turning into a trend. Why are users turning to miniature mobile phones when smartphone trends demand larger screens?

The first factor bridges both trends: Technology is not static. Advancements and improvements happen faster than tech blogs can track. As Win98 was one the PC operating system rage but is now a fond historical relic, so has mobile technology progressed.

What was once a sci-fi invention is now incorporated into mobile phones, smartphones and wrist mobile devices. Miniaturization, circuitry improvements and satellite technology all combine into smaller, more capable devices than simply a back-lit watch with calendar options.

The second factor is discretion. It’s very easy to strap the mobile phone onto a wrist and head to work and not worry whether you’ve forgotten your smartphone. Vibration settings that are now available on wrist mobile phones provide that edge of discretion that alarm-based mobiles once left behind. Fashionably paired with time keeping capabilities, only a few savvy tech-heads may recognize that you’re doing more than checking time in that long, drawn-out department meeting. Continue reading “Why Wrist Mobile Phones Are Gaining Popularity”

Train Horns for Cars and Motorcycles

With more and more of us purchasing smaller and smaller cars, a lot of drivers are starting to feel like the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield: we are simply getting no respect on the highway from the remaining SUVs and other monster vehicles still guzzling gas on the nation’s highways. Now, with the popularity of extremely loud and distinctive train horns for smaller vehicles, that’s all starting to change.

You will want to look into your area’s laws before purchasing a train horn, and you should exercise some judgement in actually using them. That being said, however, when it comes to getting attention, there is really no substitute for a train horn. Below are a some of the products out there that we’ve found.
The El Diablo Air Horn is said to transmit a devilish sound that might well make rude and obnoxious road warriors feel as if your Ford Festiva or old VW Bug is a vehicle possessed. It also includes some prominent trumpet like horns that are likely to get visual attention.

train horns

At a very modest price of about $450, this horn really does seem to deliver the goods and it’s not hard to install. Also, we like the name. Consumers wishing to nevertheless avoid anything diabolical might prefer something named after a mere biblical antagonist. The Goliath Super Train Horn Kit is, we are promised, a worthy foe for any other train horn on the market. With three trumpets, it’s also most impressive to behold. Continue reading “Train Horns for Cars and Motorcycles”