Want To Stay Sane At Work? Then Avoid These Stereotypes!

Let’s face it, we all want to get through our working day as calmly and as stress-free as possible, but this isn’t always possible, of course. While it’s sometimes the work itself that may drive us crazy, more often than not it’s the people we have to deal with that are the main sources of […]

Why Wrist Mobile Phones Are Gaining Popularity

Manufacturers have played around with James Bond- or Dick Tracy-type of wrist mobile phones for a number of years. While some makers have enjoyed moderate success over time, it wasn’t until mid-2011 that the occasional fad purchase started turning into a trend. Why are users turning to miniature mobile phones when smartphone trends demand larger […]

Train Horns for Cars and Motorcycles

With more and more of us purchasing smaller and smaller cars, a lot of drivers are starting to feel like the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield: we are simply getting no respect on the highway from the remaining SUVs and other monster vehicles still guzzling gas on the nation’s highways. Now, with the popularity of extremely […]