A retailer’s guide to preventing shoplifting

As a retailer, shoplifting is no doubt something you take very seriously. After all, if your shop falls victim to thieves, your bottom line will suffer. It’s hard enough to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace without having to cover the cost of stolen goods.  The following tips could help you to protect your merchandise from […]

Poseidon Camera Captures Every Moment

The pictures taken during a vacation are like sugar for cookies: extremely important! And those who plan their vacations on sunny beaches or on islands know what I mean. You want to photograph the fish, but you can’t take your usual camera into the water. But if you use Poseidon – Waterproof Video Camera with […]

The Amazing Thanko Camera Diving Mask

For those of you who enjoy the summer season, this part of the year comes as a divine blessing. I have always been a big fan, and when I think about summer, things like blue-turquoise waters, tanning, sunny beaches and mojitos come to my mind. And I think that this applies to everyone. The advantage […]