New World Speed Record for a Robot

Cheetah, a four-legged as well as headless robot, has set a brand new world speed record, based on the You Defense Advanced Analysis Projects Agency (DARPA).

DARPA mentioned Cheetah attained 18 mph (29 km/h) about a laboratory treadmill plus the past land speed record by a legged robot had been thirteen.1 mph.

Four-legged robot Cheetah
Photo: DARPA

DARPA – that is run by the particular Pentagon – funded the Massachusetts robotics company Boston Dynamics with build the particular machine.

The actual active version of Cheetah is determined by a great off-board hydraulic pump, requiring one of several researchers to be able to hold the tubing from its means. Yet, the actual experts said a free-running prototype was actually planned for later this yr. Continue reading “New World Speed Record for a Robot”

Amazing Withings Smart Baby Monitor

Withings Smart Baby Supervise

The actual Withings Smart Baby Monitor definitely will come alongside a pre-loaded application affectionately well-known as WithBaby, plus might function as a contemporary take on traditional baby tracks, when offering father and mother the advanced technologies in the monitoring and in addition interaction with their newborn.

Withings has finally rolled out their Smart Baby Track, where it will merge world-class development alongside advanced shape inside prescribe for mom and dad to be able to have the ability to be able to supervise, communicate and correspond with their valuable baby regardless of in which the two usually are within the world at when.

Granted, the particular Smart Baby Monitor from Withings, the actual France-based company, is certainly not precisely the actual a large number of desired after item about the consumer electronics marketplace, but that does not mean it’s not imperative to be able to any modern household. Continue reading “Amazing Withings Smart Baby Monitor”

Cool Virtual Mountain Bike Racing Simulator

Virtual Mountain Bike Racing Simulator

All those who love cycling and additionally yet choose in order to stay inside at their personal comfort may constantly settle for the $7,000 Virtual Mountain Bicycle Racing Simulator.

This exercise bike can come alongside a video screen that simulates riding a mountain bicycle by outside guides. You’ll of course use your individual pedal plus steer the bicycle in order to control the particular on-screen avatar that is actually depicted through a 17″ color LCD supervise, and also to be able to challenge oneself with faster times, you are up against alternative internet cyclists about you of 70 outdoor programs. Continue reading “Cool Virtual Mountain Bike Racing Simulator”