The Cute USB Humping Dog

The Cute USB Humping Dog

Check this video first to see how the Humping Dog works:

I wanted you to first watch the video because when I first read this little gadget’s description I didn’t understand exactly how it works, but now I love it and recommend it to anyone who love dogs and want to keep a smile on their faces while working at the computer.

– The dog starts humping as soon as you connect it to your computer’s USB port
– Made from molded plastic
– Size: 58 x 62 mm
– Compatible with all operating systems.
– Available at Chinavasion for only $2.57.

Racing Mini Nitro Gas Buggy Car

Racing Mini Nitro Gas Buggy Car
The New 4WD RTR Racing Mini Buggy it’s one of the smallest gas-powered RC-buggy in the world, with just 270 mm long and width of 185 mm; it weighs 900 g and it’s powered by a 05 size engine.
With this beautiful mini-car you can reach an incredible speed on any type of track.

• 99% assembled.
• Maybe the smallest GP buggy in world!
• Original muffler and air filter.
• Four wheel drive system with shaft drive.
• Double wishbone suspension arms with adjustable width.
• Oil filled dampers.
• Stiff and sturdy aluminum chassis.
• Disc brake system.

You can buy this beautiful toy for $169.89.

Stunt RC Car with LED Lights

Stunt RC Car with LED LightsWe want to present the Stunt RC Car with LED Lights which is a perfect gift for your boy (or even girl), because at a small price you will have a beautiful car that moves and operates with amazing flashing multi-color LED lights and offers the special moves with the RC remote.

This car is unique by its complex design and by its moves and techniques that can be enjoyed well in the dark, when the flashing LEDs impress everyone.
This is not an dangerous toy and it can be used starting from small age.

The Stunt RC car moves very fast and with its rubber covered wheels works great on any surface: smooth or rough; you can also operate this RC car on uneven playing field and watch it go. In the front, the car has a 360 degree rotary axis with three wheels at the top and when it tumbles upside down it just keeps on going.

Stunt RC Car with LED Lights Features:
• Twister edition stunt RC car with LED flashing lights.
• Very Durable, does not break when driven into walls or hard objects.

You can get the Stunt RC Car for $10.29.