Orange Micro Robotic Tank

Let’s Play!


For so long I’ve wanted a toy like this one! And my 3 years old daughter was very excited when she first saw it, considering how playful is this amazing Robotic Tank.

This robotic tank not only go in all directions, but also makes extremely funny noises.

This toy is perfect to relax after a tiring day at work.

Playful robot can be guided with your smart phone and I gladly recommend to buy, because it is one of the best iPhone accessories. Continue reading “Orange Micro Robotic Tank”

New World Speed Record for a Robot

Cheetah, a four-legged as well as headless robot, has set a brand new world speed record, based on the You Defense Advanced Analysis Projects Agency (DARPA).

DARPA mentioned Cheetah attained 18 mph (29 km/h) about a laboratory treadmill plus the past land speed record by a legged robot had been thirteen.1 mph.

Four-legged robot Cheetah
Photo: DARPA

DARPA – that is run by the particular Pentagon – funded the Massachusetts robotics company Boston Dynamics with build the particular machine.

The actual active version of Cheetah is determined by a great off-board hydraulic pump, requiring one of several researchers to be able to hold the tubing from its means. Yet, the actual experts said a free-running prototype was actually planned for later this yr. Continue reading “New World Speed Record for a Robot”

30″ RC High Wind Racing Boat —NEW!

This is a brand new 30″ High Wing Dual Motors Remote Radio Controlled RC Racing Boat. It is powered by high performance dual 380 size engine to achieve the fast speed . Its V-hull is designed for high speed. Fully functional radio control system provides smooth and responsive handling of the boat. Dimension: 29.50″x11.50″x7″ (LxWxH) Equipped with: -7.2V Rechargeable battery pack -AC battery charger -Pistol Grip transmitter -Display Stand

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