A retailer’s guide to preventing shoplifting

As a retailer, shoplifting is no doubt something you take very seriously. After all, if your shop falls victim to thieves, your bottom line will suffer. It’s hard enough to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace without having to cover the cost of stolen goods.

 The following tips could help you to protect your merchandise from criminals who are intent on taking items from your store.

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Savvy store design

The first thing you should look at when you’re trying to deter thieves is the design of your shop. Ideally, you should place your till near to the door so that anyone who enters or leaves has to walk past staff members.

Also, try to ensure that there are no blind spots in your retail unit. If there are, you can use mirrors to help you see what people are up to when they are perusing your goods. It helps if you keep your shelving and displays low too as this will give you better visibility. In addition, it’s important that all areas of your store are well lit.

Keep things tidy

You can also benefit from making sure your shop is always tidy. If your displays are full and your merchandise is in order, your employees will find it easier to see if items go missing.

Under lock and key

It may be important to put your more valuable and easy to steal products in locked displays or behind your counter. Also, make sure your till is always locked and staffed. Even if your employees leave this area unattended for only a very short period of time, this can be enough for opportunistic thieves to make their move.

Invest in security systems

To further protect your merchandise, it’s a good idea to invest in suitable CCTV and alarm systems. These can put criminals off trying to steal your products in the first place. Meanwhile, if people do attempt to shoplift, these security measures make it much more likely that they will be caught.

It’s now simple to access resources like this. Firms such as Big Brother Systems offer a selection of security products, along with all the technical support you need to use them effectively.

Send a message

Clear signage is important too. By placing signs and posters around your store informing people that shoplifters will be prosecuted, you can show you are taking this issue seriously. You should also make it known that you have CCTV and alarms in place.

Extra help

Depending on the type of shop you run and the level of risk you face, you might want to consider hiring a security guard. The presence of these individuals can really put potential thieves off.

Worth the effort

Adopting these measures does require a little effort and potentially cost, but it should prove to be a worthwhile investment. As well as helping to protect your stock and therefore your bottom line, it can provide you with greater peace of mind and make running your shop that bit easier.

Top 10 Most Useful Car Gadgets

As a car is a road vehicle having with four wheels, motorized by an engine with internal combustion coming with the ability of carrying a number of people at a time it needs some assistance in performing its tasks in a better way. From a travelling salesman to an offsite service professional to couriers, n number of people all over the world spend their almost all of the time behind the wheels. When you are constantly on the move, it is not that easy to stay in touch, online, dialed in and powered up all the day.

Now, knowing what the functions of a car are, you would be able to understand the importance of car gadgets in better way. Let’s now discuss about the most useful new gadgets launched for the cars to increase their performance:

Prestigio -Roadrunner HD 1

Prestigio -Roadrunner HD 1

This is a car video recorder introduced by Prestigo. Check out its useful features:

  • A product for style conscious consumers, a new product in mobility portfolio.
  • Reliable eye witness to any road accident or traffic incidences.
  • Supports SD card of up to 32 GB.
  • Great performance with sharper images in low light conditions

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Don’t let yourself spied any longer

Be careful, the NSA(National Security Agency) is watching. The NSA was developed in order to collect, devode, translate and analize global information at the range of online conversations. Despite this fact, today’s rumours consider the NSA a matter of divine organization, capable of intercept and control information at a world wide scale. More, thanks to modern technology, this is much easier for them to listen to our conversations, as the smartphones we’re using are not called ‘’smart” for nothing.

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Camere supraveghere de exterior

Just think about this: if your phone can record calls, pin point your exact localization, take photos and more, all based on an intelligent operation system, what makes you so confident that you’re the true ruler of that system? Here are a few hints about how it works:

1. Tracking your movements. So I’ve heard you’re using a webcam for videocalling conversations with your friends. It would be a shame if someone would secretly open it just to track your movements, wouldn’t it? It’s not like you’re a criminal caught red-handed, but it doesn’t matter. Imagine you’re changing clothes or you’re caught in some disgraceful moments and lately you find yourself being appreciated on Youtube. It’s your private life that should not be disturbed. Though, just saying, the case of the student of University of Floride claimed to fix computer problems which in reality meant installing malware programs that allowed him to use the computer’s webcam (which he did) is not that bad. Well, he did get some nude pictures of some girls, but it’s not that bad, isn’t it? Ok, maybe it is.
This kind of technology is also used by the CEOs of many companies in order to get some feedback of their employees’s work. This way, they know exactly how the employee’s are spending their time, where and with whom.

2. Listening to your phone calls. As I’ve already mentioned, we can easily be listened thanks to modern technology and this is not all: we can also get our text message and online browsing data checked as well. There are companies developed just for this purpose and they’ve grown quickly. It seems like for a minor charge, one’s phone can be recorded from incoming and outgoing calls, text messages and web browsing data in order to be handed to the customer at his will.

3. Using the internet to get your personal info. You think you’re clever enough not to reveal your any sort of personal information that can in the end be harmful to yourself? Well, let me ask you this: have you ever googled your name? You can get a lot of information about a person just by searching his name on google. This information can vary, from adress, Facebook account, any public contests you’ve taken part into and so on.

Do you really think there’s no detail that can damage your image in there? Of course, for better prepared ones, your name means a freeway to your adress and personal information which can lead to a highway to your bank account. It is very easy to find out someone’s data as long as you’re willing to spend some bucks and you should know for sure that once one has no regrets in paying to check you out, you’re in big trouble.

Take care of yourself. Don’t go with the crowd: intelligent technology overpowering stupid people.